One Piece Chapter 938: Treason is confirmed! Our criticism

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In chapter 937, Zoro put KO Kamazo, the assassin of Orochi . Although he fainted, he escapes the bandit Gyûkimaru who decides not to take advantage of the situation. We learn in the chapter that he is actually a monk-soldier and that he is constantly stationed at a bridge, from where he attacks any man carrying weapons . The reference to Benkei, a 12th century monk soldier, is transparent to the Japanese. The latter is indeed known in Japanese culture for attacking and defeating 999 men at the foot of the Gojô bridge in Kyoto, and for losing his 1000th fight against Minamoto Yoshitsune, one of the greatest samurai in the history of Japan which he will then become the companion. Will Zoro be Yoshitsune of Gyûkimaru?

At the flower capital, the supporters of Oden are arrested one by one, which causes the disarray of the allies . The tone goes up between the Shinobu ninja and Law before the big friend of Zoro Tonoyasu, who seems to know the samurai rebels, does not interrupt them. Would he be a vassal of the past? For his part, Kyoshiro appears in a page of the chapter, the same enigmatic smile on his lips , where he insists on organizing the funeral of Komurosaki despite the popular fury . One way to hurt the Shogun? The chunk of the chapter comes to the last page, where we learn that the young woman saved by Zoro is none other than Hiyori, the sister of Momonosuke!