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If this episode is not memorable in itself, his last scene, however, remains an unforgettable moment of the series of HBO. After confessing some of her sins to the Great Sparrow, Cersei is undressed and prepared for a walk of shame – from the Great Septuary of Baelor to the Red Dungeon – during which she will be insulted and abused by an angry mob . Until the release of The Winds of Winter in Season 6, Mother’s Mercy was the most watched episode of Game of Thrones .

The clash between the two “bastards” of the series – Jon Snow on one side and Ramsay Bolton on the other – for the control of Winterfell is a breathtaking spectacle that required more than 25 days of filming and close of 600 extras . But besides the technical aspect of the episode, which allowed Game of Thrones to easily compete with cinematographic works, this battle allows to highlight the unfailing loyalty of Davos and Tormund towards Jon but also – and well sadder – to say goodbye to Rickon, the youngest of the Stark family .