Empire season 5: Episode 14, Lyon devastated and SPOILER

Video Empire season 5: Episode 14, Lyon devastated and SPOILER watch online. Tv serial English TV Series 11 April 2019 today's latest complete show by Star Plus.

Nothing is more important than family ties! Last week, in episode 13 of Empire Season 5, Lucious was committing the irreparable as Cookie took revenge on my husband by falling into the arms of Damon Cross. For his part, Teri announced to his boyfriend’s family that he had lymphoma. How did the Lyon manage this news? Melty’s editorial reveals his critique of episode 14 of Empire Season 5 . “Without All Remedy” opens on Lucious who makes disappear the body of the former manager of Treasure while Cookie yields to the temptation with Damon. The next day,. The family has collapsed and desperate for Dre to receive the best care, but he wants everyone to focus on the Empire tour. Meanwhile, Lucious tries to make his wife listen to reason about Treasure but Cookie is furious and stands on his positions. She does not hesitate to throw many spades to her husband, especially about Jeff! Dre asks her father to take care of the label but Cookie prefers to stay with her son. Through several flashbacks, Lucious remembers the very first time Dre was sick. He and Cookie were terrified!

For his part, Jamal was happy to find Kai but the singer confesses to his ex-fianc√© that he was probably right, being a Lyon goes first . While Cookie introduces a new doctor to Dre, Teri says he does not need another opinion because they have found the best option. The matriarch Lyon raises the tone but Dre’s girlfriend does not let herself go. As for Lucious, he plans to fire Treasure for “inappropriate behavior” . The singer finds later Cookie is explains that everything is his fault. Her former manager convinced her that for her music to be appreciated, she had to have sex with men who could help her career. However, Lucious is different, he just wanted to help.Cookie decides not to send back Treasure who in return promises to regain his trust. Lucious’s wife now feels extremely guilty about her night with Damon. If she would tell Lucious everything, Carol persuades her to keep the secret. She finds Damon to ask him to keep for himself what happened between them. We learn that Cookie left the room before acting with Lucious’s rival. She then confides that her son is sick and that she feels guilty. Damon explains that he lived and felt the same when his daughter had cancer. He then finds the words to reassure her in Season 5 of Empire .

Before going on stage, Kai meets Jamal and assures him that they will find a way to make their relationship work by giving him his engagement ring. It seems that the singer is convinced! At the show, Jamal and Hakeem pay tribute to Andre. While Cookie apologizes in her way to Teri, Lucious lets his wife know that he will not give up their son, nor their love story. Later, Dr. Swain tells Dre that chemo works, which makes everyone happy. In the evening, Cookie is ready to confess the truth about Damon Lucious but deflates at the last moment. In a flashback, Cookie and Lucious’s efforts are rewarded when Dre’s cough stops. Patriarch Lyon thanks his wife for making him happy and assures him that he will never do anything to endanger their family. Finally, Megan, the agent of the FBI, relies on the help of Jeff to bring down his father! “Without All Remedy” was a very good episode of Empire , much quieter than what the series is used to proposebut that was not displeasing to us. Seeing how each family member handled Andre’s illness was very interesting and poignant, it gave rise to scenes that made us shed a few tears. The show continues to surprise us pleasantly this season, we want more! While waiting to learn more about the fate of the oldest of Lyon, also find out if more than one family member could die in the Season 5 Seasonal Finale of Empire.