Dark Fate Terminator: Linda Hamilton tease a return to the sources of the saga

Video Dark Fate Terminator: Linda Hamilton tease a return to the sources of the saga watch online. Tv serial Cinema 12 April 2019 today's latest complete show by Star Plus.

Sarah Connor did not say her last word! After Emilia Clarke returns to her role in 2015, she returns to the big screen to play the badass mother of the savior of humanity, John Connor. Linda Hamilton will be alongside her faithful colleague, Arnold Schwarzenegger for a new episode of the Terminator saga , which could mark the beginning of a complete trilogy, even if nothing is confirmed on that side. In any case, the writers have this time decided to ignore the box office failures that have been the last three and return to the basics by placing the plot of this next movie after the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Latest. Remember, we were leaving Sarah and John after they stopped Skynet from destroying the world, even though the apocalypse was still hanging over their noses.

Actress Mackenzie Davis has already unveiled the connection with the first two Terminator , it’s Linda Hamilton’s turn to explain how the film will return to the sources of the saga: ” In terms of bringing closer the characters that really matter for you again, as opposed to just emptying the kitchen sink and having so many different versions of Terminator and so many different characters, without a coherent story that might interest you.I think we made a return to the sources ” . Good news for all fans of the early days, who grew up with the idea of John Connor would indeed save the world one day and it was absolutely necessary that Kyle Reese succeed his mission!