Game of Thrones season 8: But what was Bran doing during episode 3?

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That night, Winterfell and the White Walkers spun us on OCS . It was clear to the fans that Bran’s role as Three Eyed Raven would play a major role in the fight against the Night King . Just before the two characters finally meet face-to-face at the end of episode 3 of Game of Thrones season 8 , Bran seemed to use his abilities to help fight the army of the dead. Fans are all asking the question: what was Bran really doing in the big Battle of Winterfell? Was he fighting? Did he have a key role in the actions that followed?

As Bran revealed during episode 2 of Game of Thrones season 8 , Night King considered the Three Eyed Raven as one of his biggest priorities in battle because he knows the whole story of Westeros and could thus preserve the living tradition. His goal was to destroy the Seven Kingdoms and thus decimate humans for good, let the world darken in darkness. As he was so far from the heart of the battle, Bran used his ability to control the progress of the Night King in his assault on Winterfell, as well as to draw him closer to the Weirwood Tree, as planned.

Bran mysteriously tells Theon “I’ll go now,” before engaging in a flock of crows flying over the battlefield and discover exactly where the night king and his army were at that moment. Yet it is Arya who had the coup de grace by killing the Night King. The role of Bran in this battle questions. What exactly did he do? Did his ability to possess the spirit of any creature he encounters have an impact on the unfolding of events?The Night King can feel the presence of Bran watching him and that’s why he knew where to find him. It was part of the plan to eliminate it. But some fans are convinced that Bran’s role has been even more important. Is he gone to warn other families of the arrival of the Night King? Did he go to fetch the last children of the forest? Many questions remain unanswered and we can not wait to see the next episode to find out more!