GOT8 Episode 5, The King’s Landing Massacre, Our Verdict

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As always, watch out for spoilers on episode 5 of the Game of Thrones season 8 broadcast recently on OCS in what follows. He had been predicted a destiny of Queen of the Ashes, queen of ashes, and that’s what happened to Daenerys Targaryen in “The Bells” . Varys’ prediction came true, and he paid a heavy price for it before Daenerys conquered King’s Landing . Where she had the opportunity to take the city without much damage after the surrender of Cersei’s soldiers, Daenerys walked in the footsteps of Mad King and put King’s Landing on fire, true to the words of his house. A decision as predictable as disappointing from a narrative point of view.

The Targaryen are at the heart of a long-held proverb that when a Targaryen is born, the gods throw a coin in the air and you never know which side it will fall, the madness or wisdom. Daenerys’s play has fallen, chaos has followed. Episode 5 of Game of Thrones season 8 has invested a lot in form to deliver an impressive episode, sometimes neat sometimes terrifying images. But the cataclysmic scale of the war is nothing short of the turning point that many characters have taken . See Jaime actually return to Cersei to die by his side after fighting against the White Marchers erases much of its evolution for several seasons.

If the paths taken by Daenerys and Jaime have always been a possibility, it would have taken several episodes to further support these choices which, in the context of season 8 and its rapid progress, graze inconsistency. Why choose to make Daenerys a Mad Queen while she has always been a empathetic character? Why make him burn King’s Landing when the war is already won and she was able to demonstrate her power? The writers chose to take the predictable and easy path where they could have further supported the complex development of their characters.

From a virtually useless Jon to a Tyrion who lost all his beauty to becoming a pawn in the development of Daenerys through a surprisingly clumsy Arya, the episode has privileged the plot to the plot to predict an end unfortunately always more predictable. Certainly when taken apart, “The Bells” is a success on more than one aspect. Visually stunning, the episode is punctuated with intelligence by his plans and his music, as well as his silences . The destruction of King’s Landing is eye-opening and once again highlights the impressive budget allocated to each of the last 6 episodes.

For its penultimate episode, Game of Thrones loses the balance between the bottom and the form and foretells a predictable end tinged with disappointment. Despite the basics of George RR Martin’s books, there were still plenty of possibilities for screenwriters to surprise fans and offer an end worthy of the complexity of their characters . Daenerys has lost his mind, Davos, Tyrion, Jon and Arya have discovered a facet of their queen that they hoped never to see, and the end looks as bitter-sweet as expected. If indeed the “soft” aspect can really exist after the King’s Landing massacre.