It was too late, but these actors regretted having shot these scenes!

At first you think it’s a good idea, then after you think that MAYBE you should have thought twice before accepting. These actors / actresses have several films to their credit, but even with all the experience of the world sometimes you just can not predict that this joke will go wrong, that this scene will give you a pneumonia or that you will have the sheaf during 15 days . Fortunately, the magic of cinema means that we have never known anything about it, but now that we know, we will not see these scenes in the same way!

Did you love the rom-com Netflix that rocked your sweet summer evenings? We understand you. Zoey Deutch was adorably awkward and we already consider her as our BFF. We obviously remember this scene where the two main characters of the movie share a pizza and hesitate to kiss … Well first news, the scene was not so romantic that it and especially involved the VOMI . The scene was filmed and replayed so many times that Zoey had to eat 4 whole pizzas, which unfortunately made her vomit. There is more romantic for sure, but love is for the worse and for the better!