Did Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart fall in love when they first met?

While Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been separated for several years, the director of the first Twilight has returned to their first meeting!

A real love at first sight? Yes meltynauts, even if their story ended many years ago, the ex couple continues to fascinate the fans of the saga with sharp fangs. Despite their breakup, no one has forgotten how close they seemed . While Kristen Stewart would still regret her story with Robert Pattinson , Catherine Hardwicke confided in their first meeting in an interview with People magazine : “In my opinion, it was important that there be a real chemistry between Edward and Bella, they had to be the coolest couple in the world and we had to feel electricity between them, but they were both very shy. ”

She goes on to say, “They were nervous and uncomfortable, so I decided that we would start with the biology class stage where the two people meet for the first time and it was clear that There was something going on between them, their chemistry was such that I decided to warn Robert: “You must remember that she is under 18 and you could have problems.” But he told me immediately told not to go too fast.