Avengers 4: Is Nick Fury the real hero of the MCU?

Nick Fury ( Samuel L. Jackson ) is the guy at the head of SHIELD that no longer presents: the badass look, the hacker headband, the control freak side , in short, a legend . A brand new theory about this character suggests that in Captain Marvel , he will somehow see what the future holds for the maltreated inhabitants of planet Earth. Which would explain why he took over the reins of the agency that manages the Avengers and that he seems to always know everything before others. This “vision” allowed him to sense the importance that superheroes would take in the futureand to take the heavy task of bringing them together.

An American surfer suggests that the Nick Fury of the past, which will be found in the 90’s Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), will be informed of the plot of the future. Kevin Feige has teased the importance of the Quantum Kingdom for Avengers 4 and the rest of the MCU (including Captain Marvel ), which could explain the gift of omniscience that seems to have Fury … For Ant-Man , Jackson Sze had developed concepts-arts of a place inside the Quantum Realm whose energy would be so powerful that it would allow those around it to experience visionsrelated to their memories or to change history. So why not extend the idea to allow those who are in contact with this place to have a glimpse of the future? If Nick Fury did, he would understand that he needed to build a powerful army to deal with a still unknown threat (Thanos).

This would clear up all the mysterious times the SHIELD boss implied that the world would soon (or again) need the Avengers . You will object that Fury knows errors of course and judgment, but we do not insinuate that he knows exactly what the future holds for him, just that he had a flash enough to understand the importance of the supermen in the destiny of the universe . He probably did not know, if we continue to explore this theory, it would disappear at the time of the snap (saw the head he made …), but he still planned to bipper Captain Marvel, supposed enough powerful to resist the Thanos snap. But can Fury support an exposure to Quantum Kingdom energy? What do you think about this (crazy) theory, and if you do not agree, how would you explain Fury’s “I-have-a-crystal-ball” side ?