Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie still not divorced: new application to the judge!

While Angelina Jolie would do anything for the well-being of her children , they finally decided to defer to a private judge rather than embark on a long and arduous trial. And if this idea seemed sensible, it is not for all that they finally agreed since they demanded that the procedure is extended until December 31, 2019 if we believe the information of the magazine The Blast .

If the judgment was to be rendered in June 2019, it is finally almost 6 more months that the ex couple will benefit to settle the last details of this divorce that never ends. As much to tell you that, if the negotiations come to an end at the end of next year, it is three years that it took the two actors to find an agreement. An extremely long period that is almost a record for our friends the stars . But it remains to be seen if these extra months will be enough to see them find common ground. Do not panic, the melty editorial will keep you informed!