Shazam: A new poster unveiled, soon a second trailer?

Actor Zachary Levi unveiled on his Instagram account a new poster, and there tease the next trailer of the film … So, when is it?

Bubble chewing gum, nonchalant posture, smartphone in the hands, so many signs that indicate to the viewer that deep down, this great guy in costume is a child! A poster that recalls the colors of Shazam’s costume, gold and red, on a black background.

Scheduled for release in early April 2019, this film belonging to the extensive universe of DC Comics, produced by Warner Bros., has a cast of choice. Mark Strong ( Kick-Ass’s bad guy , it’s him) will play Professor Thaddeus Sivana, a villain who masters ” the deadly forces of evil, ” and Djimon Hounsou (seen in The Guardians of the Galaxy as Korath ) will play the mysterious wizard who gives his powers to Billy. The first trailer of tv show Shazam was also shown on DesiFunTV! Did not show us these scenes that we absolutely want to see in the movie, or better, in the next trailer! Because this one should not delay to be diffused on line, Zachary Levi having indeed announced the second trailer of the film for ” the new year “. It’s a matter of days now!

Source: Instagram – Credit: Warner Bros.