Outlander Season 4: Episode 6, John Gray’s Confessions, Verdict

The season 4 Outlander continues smoothly on Starz and Netflix with an episode this week and affecting more than friendly. Episode 6, entitled “Blood of my Blood” , showed the reunion between Jamie and Lord John Gray. And since good news never comes alone, it is accompanied by the young William that John went to Fraser’s Ridge . Revisiting all the characters together is already pleasant in itself, but Outlander’s writers have not been content with that. Turning the plot so as to isolate Claire and John on one side, and Jamie and William on the other, the series has formed two exciting duets.

The relationship between Jamie and William is cleverly explored, bringing out in William the character traits of his father but not neglecting rather realistic adolescent whims. Yet we must admit the scenes between Claire and John were even more intense . The season 4 of TV Show Outlander puts his finger on a sensitive story for John, Claire and Jamie highlighting the openness of its characters but without neglecting the very human side. A feverish John Gray confesses his feelings – or his lack of – in front of his deceased wife and finds in Claire an attentive ear but no less honest.

Seeing Claire and John, both in love with Jamie and both having the feeling of having lost something forms a special bond between them, a link that brings them together rather than separating them. The political side of the episode brought by Murtagh certainly recalled that the stakes are still high but we appreciate the fact that Jamie quickly made it clear that his affection for John surpassed all that . The family, blood ties and reunion are at the heart of the episode and again, Outlander shows that she knows how to do it with action scenes as well as dialogues delivered with talent.