Priyanka Chopra manipulator? Would use the popularity of Nick to achieve her goals

A few days after his magical wedding with Nick Jonas, Priyanka is at the heart of a rumor really not very pleasant for the actress, who would use her husband to achieve his goals!

Priyanka Chopra is accused of manipulating Nick! This is the rumor that has gone around the internet. While Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas made their first appearance after their union , the beautiful actress was accused of manipulating Nick. Indeed as the NDTV report , a 1600 word article had titled “Priyanka and Nick: Is their love really sincere?” Inside, the journalist Mariah Smith accuses Priyanka to be the biggest of the manipulators. She wrote an entire theory that the actress with 32 million subscribers on Instagram, world famous, formerly Miss World, would use Nick.

Among her arguments she questions the fact that Indian celebrity Priyanka used to remain discreet about her love life, and that she does the opposite with Nick. In 201.6 Priyanka reportedly replied on Twitter to Nick to send him an SMS because his team was reading his Twitter messages. It would be a proof that Priyanka Chopra takes people high, because she answered that it was her assistants who were processing her messages and not her. Faced with these terrible accusations, Joe Jonas reacted: “The person who wrote this article should be ashamed, Priyanka Chopra and Nick love each other” . Since the article was deleted and the website has apologized. (Source: Melty.Fr)