Lucifer: The first three seasons finally available on Netflix

All Lucifer fans were waiting for it and it’s finally here! The three seasons of the evil series are available on Netflix!

While many series are in full pause due to the winter break, we will still have something to occupy during these next holidays! The filming of Lucifer Season 4 ended several days ago which means that we are getting closer and closer to its release. Moreover, the show runneuse, Ildy Modrovich had teased a good surprise for the fans and the announcement of the date of diffusion of season 4 of Lucifer! And this good news has finally fallen, the first three seasons of Lucifer are finally available on Netflix.

We will be busy in the next few days to binge-watcher the three seasons of Lucifer is a total of 57 episodes! The showrunner, Joe Henderson, announced this good news on his Twitter account . He shared: ” Well, well, seasons 1 to 3 Lucifer are finally on Netflix NOW !!! And it’s fun to see!” . Since this first announcement has just fallen, the release date of season 4 of Lucifer should not be long in coming and we can not wait to discover it! While waiting for more information, discover all that is known for the moment on this season 4 of Lucifer!