Riverdale Season 3: Who is the Gargoyle King? Our 4 theories

The identity of Gargoyle King is still a mystery in Riverdale Season 3? But who wears this costume? Here are our 4 theories!

This is the great mystery of this season 3 of Riverdale ! Each season, a big bad stands out and a pretty appalling plot is offered to viewers. In the previous one, the Black Hood terrorized the city and it was actually Hal Cooper, Betty’s father. This season it’s the Gargoyle King that drives Riverdale crazy and this big bad has often come close to the limits of the supernatural. However, in episode 8 of Riverdale Season 3 , Betty realized that it was a simple hallucination due to Frizzle Rocks and concluded that a person was disguising himself as Gargoyle King to frighten all locals . But then, who is hiding behind this creature? Here are our 4 theories!

1. Hiram

Since the arrival of this big bad, our suspicions are on Hiram! There is ample evidence to support including the fact that he provided Frizzle Rocks to the Midnight Club. Then, Hiram is now spreading G & G and Fizzle Rocks in the surrounding cities by decimating them and recruiting men to work in his prison drug lab. In addition, he hired men in combination to capture all the Vixen who had had seizures and take them to what he claims to be a hospital. So Hiram is the Gargoyle King or he is his right arm but that seems the most logical.

2. Edgar Evernever

Another possibility is that the Gargoyle King is Edgar Evernever in this season 3 of Riverdale . As head of The Farm, he is definitely fishy. His collective has obvious correlations with Scientology (the way they collect the darkest secrets, the fact that they do not believe in medication …), but there is also a correlation with G & G to the extent that you have to reach certain levels to meet Edgar, just as players have to reach levels to access the realm.

3. Dr. Curdle Jr

When Riverdale introduced the scary coroner, Dr. Curdle Jr, our suspicions were born. It has been highlighted this season and there is a reason for that … Since his first scene, he showed a darkness in him to the limit of madness or extreme fear. Given his age, he may not be the original Gargoyle King and his father may be the author. However, he could have taken the torch when his father died . This could explain why the game G & G and Gargoyle King arrived in Riverdale after the death of former Dr. Curdle!

4. An agent of the Dark Lord

All fans of Archie Comics are hoping for a crossover between Sabrina and Riverdale’s New Adventures to such an extent that some have advanced a crazy theory: The Gargoyle King is an agent of the Dark Lord . The evidence is quite legitimate, they like to wander in the forest, have an animal face with horns and play with the lives of teenagers without worrying about the repercussions. Certainly, this evidence is quite fragile but it would also require that the Garhoyle King is a magical being. However, Lili Reinhart recently confessed that Riverdale was not magic … Will that change? Not sure !